The 16183 Kylie Pendant Lamp in black/gold and size XL is an exceptionally luxurious and impressive pendant lamp that adds majesty to large-scale spaces. This pendant lamp combines a striking design with a chic color combination of black and gold, resulting in a sublime and timeless piece that attracts attention in any setting.

Features pendant lamp 16183 Kylie in black/gold, size XL:

Material and Finish: The pendant lamp is made of high-quality materials and is finished in a luxurious combination of black and gold, creating a stunning and elegant look.
Size: The pendant lamp has an extra-large size (size XL), which makes it perfect for spacious and imposing interiors such as large halls, hotel lobbies, restaurants and other commercial spaces that require a spectacular lighting solution.
Design: The pendant lamp's design is imposing and contemporary, with a grandiose and striking shape that makes a statement in any room.
Lighting: The pendant lamp is compatible with the use of an E27 light source (not included), allowing you to adjust the light intensity and color temperature to your personal preference.
Style: The combination of black and gold gives the pendant lamp a decidedly luxurious and glamorous look that fits perfectly into both modern and classic interior styles.
Installation: The pendant lamp comes with a suspension system and is easy to install, although given the size of the lamp, it is recommended that this be done by a professional.

16183 XL

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Pendant lamp black/gold XL Ø60cm

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