The Hospitality Bar Stool 15995, also known as the "prison bar stool," is a sturdy and robust bar stool inspired by the industrial aesthetic of old prison facilities. This bar stool with a steel frame and clear powder coating has a unique and distinctive design that will make a statement in any catering establishment.

Features Hospitality Barstool 15995 with steel frame and clear powder coating, seat height 61 cm:

Material and Finish: The bar stool is made of sturdy steel with a durable clear powder coating, which provides a robust and industrial look.
Seat height: With a seat height of 61 cm, this bar stool is ideal for counter heights and provides comfortable seating for guests who want to enjoy a snack or drink at the bar or a high table.
Design: The bar stool features a minimalist and functional design inspired by the rugged aesthetic of old prison facilities, resulting in a unique and eye-catching seating solution.
Stability: The steel frame with clear powder coating provides a solid and stable base, ensuring a safe and reliable seating solution for your guests.
Maintenance: The clear powder coating makes the bar stool easy to clean with a damp cloth and provides long-term protection against rust and wear.
Style: The industrial and vintage look of the 15995 Hospitality Barstool makes it a trendy and eye-catching choice for hospitality entrepreneurs who want to create a unique atmosphere.

Hospitality Bar Stool 15995-BL

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The prison bar stool of 61 cm height combines robustness with functionality. With a sturdy metal frame and a simple seat, this bar stool offers a minimalist and durable seating solution. The design is inspired by the rugged aesthetic of prison furniture, giving it a unique and industrial look. With its compact size, this bar stool is ideal for use at bars, kitchen islands or higher tables in both commercial and residential settings.

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