Catering stacking chair 12332 is a practical and space-saving chair specially designed for catering establishments where flexibility and ease of use are important. The chair features a convenient handle on the back, which makes picking up and moving the chair easy and efficient.

One of the main features of this chair is its stackable design, allowing you to easily stack the chairs up to a maximum of 6 pieces. This makes storing and putting away the chairs a breeze and saves valuable space when the chairs are not in use.

Catering stacking chair 12332 combines functionality with durability, making it an excellent choice for catering establishments looking for a practical and space-saving seating solution without compromising on style and comfort.

Hospitality stacking chair 12332-ANT

Price per piece 79,00 Excluding VAT

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The 12332 chair is a versatile and practical seating solution for a variety of environments. With a sturdy metal frame that is stackable, this chair offers easy storage and space saving when not in use. The chair is upholstered in wild-optic cowboy material, giving it a unique and striking look. The hard handle on the backrest provides added convenience when moving the chair. This chair is ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, or other hospitality venues where durability, style, and practicality are important.

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