The Horeca Table Pedestal 18069 is a sturdy and versatile pedestal specially designed to support rectangular table tops with dimensions of 120x70 cm and 120x80 cm. Made of high-quality material, this table base provides a solid foundation for creating stylish and functional table arrangements in hospitality venues.

Features of the Catering Table Pedestal 18069:

Material: The base is made of high quality material, ensuring a robust and durable construction that can withstand heavy use and the elements.
Suitable for Specific Table Top Dimensions: The Hospitality Table Pedestal 18069 is specifically designed for rectangular table tops with dimensions of 120x70 cm and 120x80 cm, making it an ideal choice for creating functional table configurations.
Stylish Design: The base has a contemporary and stylish design that blends seamlessly with various interior styles and contributes to an attractive and welcoming ambiance in your establishment.
Robust Design: The base has a robust and sturdy design that ensures stable and safe support of the table tops, even in busy and demanding hospitality environments.
Easy Installation: The 18069 Hospitality Table Pedestal is easy to assemble and install, allowing you to quickly and easily benefit from a stylish and functional table setup in your hospitality establishment.

Hospitality Table Base 18069

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The table base 18069, with a height of 72.5 cm and in the color black, is ideal for tabletops with dimensions ranging from 100×60 cm to 120×80 cm. This base not only provides a sturdy and stable base for tables, but also adds a contemporary look to the space in which it is used. The black color provides a timeless and stylish finish that goes well with a variety of interior styles. Suitable for various catering establishments, offices and other commercial spaces where tables with different sized tops are needed

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