Hospitality chair 12324 is a contemporary and functional chair with a comfortable armrest and a unique design. The back of the chair features an opening, which adds a striking and modern element to the design and provides an airy feel.

The legs of the chair are made of black metal, which not only ensures durability and stability, but also gives a sleek and modern look to the chair.

The combination of the armrest, the opening in the back and the black metal legs make this chair a versatile and stylish choice for a variety of hospitality venues. It offers a perfect blend of comfort, functionality and modern design, making it an ideal addition to restaurants, bars and other catering establishments looking to create a contemporary look

Hospitality chair 12324-copper

Price per piece 94,00 Excluding VAT

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The 12324 chair combines modern design with a touch of luxury. The metal frame offers sturdiness and stability, while the upholstery of velvety Velvet Adore fabric adds an elegant and sophisticated element. This chair exudes comfort and style and is ideal for upscale hospitality venues, lounges or other spaces where a trendy and comfortable seating solution is desired.

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