The 17879 Hospitality Terrace Chair is a modern and comfortable patio chair designed with durability and comfort in mind. This chair combines a sturdy aluminum construction with a textile back and seat, resulting in a lightweight, weather-resistant and low-maintenance seating solution for outdoor spaces.

Features of the Hospitality Terrace Chair 17879:

Material: The chair is made of high-quality aluminum, which provides a lightweight, weather-resistant and durable construction that can withstand the elements and heavy use.
Textileen Back and Seat: The chair features a back and seat made of textileen, a durable and breathable material that provides comfort and adapts to the user's body shape for an optimal seating experience.
Low maintenance: Thanks to the use of aluminum and textile, the chair is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance to maintain its original appearance.
Style: The 17879 Hospitality Terrace Chair has a contemporary and sleek design that fits seamlessly into a variety of outdoor environments, from modern to classic.

Hospitality patio chair 17879

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Made of aluminum and covered in textile, the hospitality patio chair offers an ideal combination of durability and comfort for outdoor environments. The aluminum frame provides lightness and weather resistance, while textile is a breathable and quick-drying material that is comfortable to sit on and resistant to fading and tearing. This chair is perfect for terraces of restaurants, cafes and other catering establishments, where it provides guests with comfortable and weather-resistant seating to enjoy their meals and drinks outdoors.

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